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A forefront runner in sustainable waste management, and provider of the revolutionary Gasplasma® process in North America.

We are pioneering a new era of waste disposal, transforming landfill diversion into a renewable energy goldmine. With our cutting-edge plasma gasification technology, we convert waste into valuable syngas, stimulating local economies, and reducing carbon emissions to a net negative.

Company History

Plasma Development LLC is the brainchild of technological visionaries with substantial experience in constructing and operating biomass refineries and waste recycling facilities.

Our goal? To challenge the status quo of sustainable waste management and contribute to a future where zero waste is a reality.

Our recycling solution is a fusion of technology and innovation. At the heart of it is the groundbreaking Gasplasma® technology. This ingenious technology transforms waste into renewable energy, biogas, and to engineered fuels that meet or exceed the requirements set by the US EPA Renewable Fuel Standard.

In parallel with the Gasplasma® technology, NOVO LLC’s Chemionyx® Water and Solids Treatment Systems enhance the overall output and efficiency of our solution by expanding the range of wastes that can be accepted and processed, at a cost equal to or less than the cost of disposal.

This efficient integrated solution is a result of our strategic partnership with Leveraged Green Energy (LGE) and NOVO Tech, allowing our projects to function as independent waste management systems.


Our parent entities include Leveraged Green Energy (LGE) – an early venture capital investor in Gasplasma® technology, NOVO LLC – leaders in recycling solutions for oil and gas waste, and experienced industry veterans who collectively have managed the development of over $10 billion in industrial and infrastructure projects in the power generation, manufacturing, desalinization, combined heat and power, and oil and gas industries.

It is through these collaborations that we offer recycling as opposed to disposal solutions that are environmentally friendly with very strong forecasted economics.

Meet the Team

Driving our success is a team diverse in talent but united in purpose, relentlessly pushing boundaries to reshape the waste disposal and recycling landscape.

Richard Nordin, CFA

Managing Director

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Logan T. Clark

Engineering Manager, PARTNER

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Donald King Esq.

General Counsel, PARTNER

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Richard Millard


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Sid Jeffress

Director of Business Development, PARTNER

Jake McNair


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John Vazquez

Director of Engineering and Development, PARTNER

Ted “Dink” Hixon


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Plasma Development LLC

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