Our Flagship Projects

Revolutionizing Waste Management and Renewable Energy

Plasma Development is leading the way in North America with our use of the Gasplasma® process, pushing boundaries in waste recycling, environmental stewardship, and renewable energy production.

Let’s introduce you to our pioneering projects that are driving this change:

Our PRojects

Explore our flagship projects, Rattler Ridge Recycling in Weld County, CO, and Keystone Green Energy in Fayette County, PA, where we’re revolutionizing landfill diversion and waste disposal.

Weld County, CO

Rattler Ridge Recycling

Welcome to the future site of the Rattler Ridge Recycling Project. Set to emerge from an 80-acre plot just north of Keenesburg, CO, this fully-permitted project stands to be fully operational just 20 months post-groundbreaking.

Rattler Ridge Recycling At-A-Glance:

Rattler Ridge Recycling Timeline:

Keystone Green Energy

Fayette County, PA

Welcome to the future hub of innovation in Appalachia, the Keystone Green Energy Project site. Spanning a 70-acre site in Fayette County, PA, this groundbreaking endeavor is projected to fuel local economic growth and job creation.

Keystone Recycling At-A-Glance:

Keystone Green Energy Timeline:

Our Projects: By the Numbers

Experience the power of Plasma Development’s revolutionary recycling solution, a key component in every one of our projects.

Our patented process uniquely fuses plasma gasification technology with water and wet solid waste recycling – converting biomass, solids, organics, and drill cuttings into beneficial use products. Dive into a future of waste management where nothing is left behind, and each project proudly achieves an impressive Carbon Intensity score of -80.

Here’s how our recycling efforts stack up each year:

For every 1 million tons of waste

Recycling Power

tons of curbside
biomass waste
tons of oilfield wet
solid waste
Tons Of Barrels (2.75M)
Of Oilfield Wastewater

Products Generated

barrels of
clean road spray
barrels of
reusable water
2.5 M
barrels of
saleable oil
tons of
clean fill
tons of
road base
tons of
tons of
renewable biogas
of Renewable
Natural Gas (RNG)
0 BcF
tons of sequestered
or sold CO2
meagawatts of
thermal energy

Why Choose Plasma Development LLC?

At Plasma Development LLC, we’re transforming the way society views waste disposal and landfill diversion. Our unique approach doesn’t just mitigate carbon emissions — we offer a net NEGATIVE Carbon Intensity score of -100 or lower.


In short, we don’t just balance the carbon equation —
we tip the scale in favor of the environment.

Let’s create a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future together with Plasma Development LLC.

Explore our flagship projects  in Weld County, CO, called Rattler Ridge Recycling, and Keystone Green Energy in Fayette County, PA, where we’re revolutionizing landfill diversion and waste disposal.