The Future of Sustainable
Waste Management

Landfills are nearing capacity – it’s time for a change.

We’re offering a revolutionary change with our technology, featuring the use of the Gasplasma® process in North America.

Imagine a future where waste is a resource, not a problem. This is the future that Plasma Development is pioneering.

Policymakers recognize that disposal in landfills at current rates is not sustainable in the long term. This is driving initiatives to move to zero organic waste in landfills. The stark reality is that U.S. landfill capacity is likely to max out within decades, but there are not many viable pathways to get to zero waste.

At Plasma Development, we’re not just imagining, but building a future where waste is viewed as a resource that contributes to a more sustainable world. We’ve developed a comprehensive recycling solution that transforms organic waste into resources, leaving nothing behind.

Our approach is built on three main pillars:

Plasma Gasification

Water Recycling

Wet Solids Treatment

As the holder of the Gasplasma® Technology rights in North America, we’re championing landfill diversion, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable energy sources.

Interested in learning more about the transformative benefits of our solution? Discover the Benefits and see how Plasma Development is revolutionizing the face of sustainable waste management.

Our Technology:
Reshaping Sustainable Waste Management

At Plasma Development, we’re rewriting the rules of sustainable waste management with our state-of-the-art technology, including the use of the Gasplasma® process. Our goal is not just to manage waste, but to convert it into valuable resources.

With Plasma Development, waste doesn’t just disappear—it’s repurposed.

Our Comprehensive Recycling Solution

Our technology shines with the inclusion of the Gasplasma® process. This unit processes biomass, turning organic waste, dried sewage sludge, and residue from the Chemionyx™ treatments into high-quality synthetic gas and other valuable products like PlasmaRok™. The resulting syngas can be further refined via a biogas methanation unit into a plethora of valuable end-products, including renewable natural gas (RNG), sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), diesel fuel, and various other products, depending on the feedstock or specific needs of the community. Alternatively, the syngas can be used to generate heat and power.

Plasma Development LLC holds Gasplasma® process rights in North America.

We process a wide range of organic waste, from local landfill biomass to sewage sludge.

The synthetic gas produced can either be used for heat and power generation or further refined into valuable outputs such as RNG, SAF, and beyond.

The NOVO Chemionyx® Water Treatment System recycles produced and frac flowback wastewater. The system efficiently removes sand, floating oil, and grease. The result is clean, reusable water that can be resold for various industrial purposes, including refracking, developing casing pressure, or as road spray for winter deicing and summer dust control.

Our process effectively removes impurities like sand, oil, and grease, resulting in clean water.

The reclaimed water has a wide range of applications, including industrial purposes and winter deicing.

The treated water can be resold, creating a new revenue stream from waste.

The NOVO Chemionyx™ Solids System treats wet solid E&P waste. These waste products are repurposed into discharge-quality light brine, clean water, recovered crude oil, and beneficial use products such as road base, clean fill, and ceramic blocks.

We don’t just manage wet solid waste – we transform it into valuable resources.

The treated waste results in beneficial products like road base, clean fill, and ceramic blocks.

Our system can extract recoverable crude oil from waste, adding another source of revenue.

Gasplasma® Technology:
A Leap Forward

At the core of our technology is the Gasplasma® process, which we proudly hold the rights to in North America. This unique process converts waste into gas without the need for incineration or pyrolysis. It’s a cleaner, more efficient solution for waste disposal that minimizes pollution while creating valuable products.

How Gasplasma® Works

The Gasplasma® technology, a perfect blend of gasification and plasma conversion, ingeniously reimagines sustainable waste management. In two streamlined steps, it redirects waste from landfills, converting it into beneficial products while maintaining minimal environmental impact.

Already, multiple gasification and plasma converter units are operating globally. The beauty of Gasplasma® lies in its seamless integration of these two units in series, producing astonishingly clean and efficient results.

In essence, Gasplasma® is at the forefront of transforming waste into a valuable resource, promoting a cleaner, greener future for us all.


The process begins with gasification. Just like dry ice turning into gas, we use intense heat to change the feedstock, usually biomass, directly into syngas. The syngas we create is a valuable asset that’s a stepping stone for generating power. It’s important to note that our unique process doesn’t involve burning or pyrolysis.

As an added benefit, the feedstock can include municipal solid waste, enabling us to repurpose large volumes of waste that would otherwise be destined for landfills.


The next step is plasma conversion. This step refines the syngas by breaking apart large molecules as they exit the gasifier. This process is unique because it removes harmful byproducts like heavy metals and dioxins, something other technologies can’t do. The result is purified, high-quality syngas, ready for further processing as needed by the plant, that can be used in many different ways.

Reshaping Waste into Worth

Manufactured by the inventor of the Gasplasma® process and utilized in over 85 installations worldwide, PlasmaRok™ stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable waste management. With a staggering 95% efficiency, we transform any inorganic material into a non-leaching, non-polluting rock-like substance, known as PlasmaRok™. This construction aggregate, depending on the feedstock, has a robust compressive strength of around 17,000 psi (120 MPa), making it highly practical for a range of uses in the construction industry.

What makes PlasmaRok™ even more exceptional is its role in neutralizing hazardous waste, offering an eco-friendly and efficient solution to a long-standing environmental challenge. As a testament to its potential, PlasmaRok™ is licensed to Plasma Development projects by Leveraged Green Energy, an institutional investor.

Positive Impact, Negative Carbon:
Discover the Benefits

Discover the power of transformation with Plasma Development LLC’s revolutionary recycling solution.

Our unique process not only repurposes waste into renewable resources but also achieves an unprecedented
net NEGATIVE Carbon Intensity score, contributing to the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Our process converts tons of waste into valuable products, treats contaminated water, making it reusable, and generates renewable methane, all without air emissions or residual waste. The result? A greener, cleaner future, with an impactful reduction in carbon emissions.

Experience the benefits of Plasma Development LLC’s innovative recycling solution:


Net Carbon Intensity score of -80 or lower

We’re not just carbon neutral – we’re negative. Our unique process significantly contributes to global carbon emissions reduction.


Landfill reclamation capabilities

Landfills aren’t just waste dumps – they’re resources. Our technology transforms landfill waste into renewable energy and valuable byproducts.


Dairy waste management

Even dairy waste is not wasted. We ensure cleaner, more sustainable dairy operations without digestate or contaminated output water.


Profitable operation without government subsidy

Our solution is economically viable, generating a significant EBITDA annually without reliance on government subsidies.


Capability to make Sustainable Aviation Fuel

We’re pushing the boundaries of sustainable energy, with the potential to produce cutting-edge fuels for aviation and other sectors.

Our innovative process, powered by Gasplasma® technology in North America, not only promotes sustainability but also drives profitable operations, reflecting the perfect blend of environmental responsibility and economic viability.

Embrace the transformative benefits of Plasma Development LLC’s recycling solution and contribute to a negative carbon footprint future.

Join the Green Revolution

As we reimagine waste management, we invite you to join us. By supporting Plasma Development, you’re investing in a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future. Connect with us today to learn more about our technology, our mission, and how you can get involved.